Art is beautiful, regardless of what you think of it. As aspiring artists we find ourselves experiencing a sort of artist’s block from time to time. Staring at a canvas asking it to speak to you, yet what can it say? Nothing. The canvas looks you straight in the eye and tells you that you won’t be working today. Oh the humanity! You have a blank canvas in front of you and nothing to put on it. Art is art. You begin by thinking of your third grade art teacher and what she might tell you to do right now.  When they told me about the fabulous Williamsburg apartments for rent, I immediately called my real estate agent to help me find the right one. She would tell you to start with a line and go from there. So you do. You start with a curvy black line. No background colors, no interesting theme, just a wavy black line that should have been straighter. You plead with the canvas and ask it to turn your line into something magical, something that you will be remembered by, and something that will sell at auction for millions and make your grandchildren never have to work again. It is lunch time and you’re hungry. As you stand over your blank white canvas with the wavy black line on it, eating your hot dog with ketchup and mustard, you begin to realize that your ketchup and mustard are about to drip right on to your work in progress. We needed Long Island limousines to take us from Manhattan to the Hamptons for our weekend getaway. You let it be. The ketchup and mustard create a beautiful medley of red and yellow on the canvas and drop onto your wavy line like the flower petals that they were meant to form. Then it hits you. This is it. This is your moment and this is your piece. You shall call it “Flower from nothing.” It goes on to win awards for its simplicity and beauty. You’re famous now.

This is the way that art was meant to be created. Through uninspirational moments comes great inspiration. Through a day of darkness comes the light and art is meant to showcase that. Art by Patrick Bucklew will take you on a journey of fantastic proportions. When viewing his artwork, come ready. Wear your boots and gird your loins.

Their animal control Long Island at my dad’s home was so thorough he never had another problem with a single groundhog once they removed the one he was dealing with!